Economic Alchemy

Something is not right with the way the economy and money is working.  Economic Alchemy seems to be wicking away our wealth.  What causes this situation?  A a few people getting richer and richer while most of us struggle to keep our financial heads above water.  Gone are the days when a family can survive on a single pay cheque.   This is a time of super abundance, and yet there is also abject poverty around us, and we cannot seem to make ends meet. We see the housing bubble of 2008 and those who caused it benefit from the government bailouts.  This is the first generation in modern history of Western Civilization that is poorer than the generation before it.

What is wrong seems elusive, difficult to put our finger on.

Join me on a quest to learn and understand economics and how money works. By educating ourselves we become better equipped to create and protect wealth for us and our future generations.